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How To Get Leads at Your Next Healthcare Industry Event With Prize Wheels!

Amy Chan

Posted on March 04 2016

Do you run a clinic, hospital, insurance company, pharmacy or any other business related to healthcare? Then you know how tough it can be to promote a business.

In order to get customers on your door, you need to promote and let people know that you exist and that your healthcare business is ready to help them with their needs.

How do you attract attention in today's saturated healthcare marketplace? You can do that by creating targeted ads through promotional products and techniques.

For example, during your grand opening, anniversary or event you are launching for your healthcare business, you can drive sales and business appointments by giving away promotional products like pens, t-shirts, custom pillboxes, dispensers, mugs and more. To take it further, you can make it more fun and engaging for your guests by raffling this off using a prize wheel. For in-house or trade show events where you don't have plenty of room, we recommend a tabletop dry erase prize wheel. It is fun, colorful and can be packed or set up with ease. You can even add your healthcare logo at the center to personalize it.

Jot down possible prizes on the dry erase board and let your clients spin it for a chance to win promotional items. Make sure to make it worth their time by personalizing the game according to your industry or business. For instance, you can give away a free dentist appointment or even a free health insurance consultation.

In exchange for a chance of spinning the wheel and winning a prize, you can ask your audience to drop their business card or contact info on a sign up sheet. This will give you potential leads.

Investing in these promotional materials as well as engaging your audience is a great way of creating traffic for your services or health care business. Be creative and make sure to have fun while you do it.

You can find different prize wheels over at our website, The Display Outlet. From large to small, colorful or simple, you'll find one to suit your healthcare business. Visit us today!

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