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Radio TV Broadcast Stations - Make Giveaways FUN with Raffle Drums!

Written by Amy Chan


Posted on March 01 2016

Planning on jazzing up your radio station contests or TV broadcast giveaways? What better way to do it than by using tried and tested ways of promoting and engaging your audience!

How do you generate leads, engage audiences and even drive traffic to your radio stations or TV broadcast spots? One simple, effective and cheap way is to create a game and hand out prizes.

The simplest way to do this is by using a spinning raffle drum! Now you might argue that radio stations are auditory and spinning drums are visual, so how will this work?

The thing is, on-air radio station promos should be dramatic and give each listener a chance to feel as if they're in the room, spinning that colorful drum. Another way to engage your audience is have them phone in their contact info or finish some simple requirement so they can have a chance to enter their name on the raffle drum. Make sure to engage them and make them feel part of the action. They'll be as excited and thrilled when you draw out who wins the prizes.

On a TV broadcast, you have the advantage of presenting visuals to your audience. One look at the colorful spinning drum and your audience automatically knows at some point they could stand a chance of winning something. All you have to do is be creative on how to engage your audience and make the most of their interest.

As you can see, with a little creativity and the help of a good spinning drum, you can "drum" up plenty of attention and interest for your radio station or TV broadcast.

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