Custom Dry Erase Spinning Prize Wheel | The Display Outlet

Liven up your booth at your next trade show exhibit with our customizable prize wheels. Great for fundraisers, parties, games, and retail promotions, each of our prize wheels are made of a dry erase laminate for easy cleaning and maintenance. All of our prize wheels come with a positioning mechanism located behind the wheel that produces an excellent clicking sound and holds the prize wheel in position once it has stopped spinning.

How to Use a Prize Wheel To Help In Any Industry

It’s a great time to be alive these days, with so many people getting involved in so many things.  From the small crafty stores online, to actual brick and mortal stores selling crafts and vending goods, there’s competition every where you look.  And that is a good thing!  It encourages innovation and keeping things fresh.  And that’s not only good for the customer, but for you, too!  Whether it’s a hobby on the side, or your primary bread and butter, there are things you can get to help your business boom. 

Sometimes it’s a fun new product, or sometimes you can use something like a spinning wheel to help drum up business and excitement.  People love to see the shining lights and the glowing orbs of fun that a spinning prize wheel can bring.  It’s the excitement of the adrenalin rush of getting prizes, combined with the levity of the fun of a game of chance.  No matter who you are, no matter what size operation you run, a little fun and games will help everyone and be awesome!  And who knows, might just drum up a little extra money for your business!  If this sounds like something that will help you, must listen up!

Say you run a RADIO OR TV BROADCAST STATION.  If you’ve been around for a while you know that competition is at its peek now, and if you go out to the local fares and farmers markets, you know that there are lots of folks who are out there trying to get their name out.  Well you can use a little fun and games in your booths to really show how cool and fun your station is.  For example, you could use a SPINNING RAFFLE DRUM and have various prizes in there, from free beer koozies and stickers, to a free ice cold Coca Cola, or even let people be a guest DJ on the radio sometime.  Or at least come in and watch the DJ for an hour.

It’s that type of thinking that can transform a struggling business or company into a booming profit maker again.  Sometimes it’s something so simple as the chance of something free!

Ok - so you Event Marketers and Trade Show companies - there’s a ton of competition now as there are more and more people and companies working on promotion events.  Also, with the increase of technology available by PC or tablet, trade show booths and all other marketing arenas like mobile events, conventions, and business events, you have to keep on your toes to keep up.  Thankfully, that’s easy to do, and you will actually get to have fun creating your content for these shows, using flashy logos and computer programs.  But you can also use something that will attract more people to your booth, say a TableTop Dry Erase Spinning Wheel - that way you can have daily specials and prizes, and each visitor to the booth gets to spin the wheel and get a free knick knack, or a coupon for something to use later.  You can change it up whenever you want - say on the hour - since it’s Dry Erase!  It’s something small that can really build your business.

Then there are businesses that are tougher to attract a wide array of new customers.  Think about AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS.  Most people don’t try out a ton of different dealers and settle on their favorite, because you don’t have that many times where you’re shopping for a brand new car.  So if you run a dealer you basically have to think of it as a one-time only chance to attract loyal customers and hope that they will have a great experience and refer their friends to you.  And that is the name of the game for a place like this.  It goes without saying that you have to have your business practice be amazing, and do great work and be fair and trust worthy to your customers.  But why not use something like COLORFUL SPINNING PRIZE WHEELS to offer additional incentives.  You can have small prizes, like a cold drink or a hat, or bigger prizes like a Free Oil Change or money off your next regular maintenance.  Get the people in the community to think that your dealership is THE place to go, and you have a strong business presence into the future. 

You also use prize wheels to make a more festive atmosphere.  If you are operation a small BANK OR CREDIT UNION, or even a local CASINO, you should try to spruce up the environment in a fun way so that what is normally a drab environment can be a fun one for everyone.  No one thinks about going to a bank for a good time, that is, until your branch gets a FLOOR-STANDING PRIZE WHEEL where you will have hourly give aways, or opportunities to spin on certain days or for certain fun reasons.  Same for a casino, heck folks are there for games of chance anyway, why not use a more light hearted way of attracting attention at the Casino Promo department - new members get to spin the wheel!

If you have a business that has tight competition, why not spruce things up with a spinning prize wheel and really see your profits mount!