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Get MORE Leads at Bank and Credit Union Trade Shows with Prize Wheels!

Written by Amy Chan


Posted on March 04 2016

Are you running a bank or credit union? Looking for a way to create traffic and gain new customers and accounts for your financial business? If you are, then you need to find a way to engage your current customers, attract and build a list of prospective clients while reinforcing your brand presence. 

Now you might think this is hard but once you have a solid marketing strategy in place, you could easily repeat your performance whether in house, at trade shows or even conventions.

While there are plenty of promotional tools you can use out there, it's crucial to find something that strikes a balance between the playful and easily recognizable. Of course, while engaging and honing in your brand presence to your audience.

Let's say you're tasked to join a trade show to promote your newly opened credit union branch. While in the trade show, you realize that since it's a targeted market, you'll be sharing the floor with similar financial businesses, some of them in direct competition with yours. How do you stand out?

One way of standing out is by setting up a giveaway using a wonderful tabletop prize wheel on your booth or area. You can give passersby a chance to win promotional items from your credit union or bank while also getting to know what you have to offer. If you like, you can also have an opt-in form where they can provide contact information if they wish to receive future promotional information from your financial institution.

Spinning prize wheels are a great example of being simple yet also attractive to potential customers. You can invest in one of these and make use of them during in-house events, conventions or when you're on a mobile event. They're instantly recognizable and also quite fun to play. 

Our shop offers a number of different sizes, colors and kinds of spinning wheels you can choose from. Visit us at The Display Outlet and make sure to grab one of yours today.  

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