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Casino Promotions - Gather a Crowd and Get Attention with LED Prize Wheels!

Amy Chan

Posted on March 01 2016

Who doesn't love spinning a wheel? We surely do and we're sure your customers would want to as well!

If you're looking for fun ways to engage your customers and generate a crowd in your casino promo then there's no easier way than by using a fantastic and colorful LED prize wheel!

The great thing about doing a casino promo is that everybody already has an idea of what they're in for. When they join your event, they're almost expecting to win a prize so make it worth their while by adding a cool prize wheel on your promo.

Each spinning wheel includes blinking LED lights to attract attention, it is a casino promo after all, and nothing says casino than blinking lights! Each segment of the wheel is made from dry erase acrylic so you can write down the prizes easily. It's also portable so from one trade show or mobile event to another, you can set it up and pack it up.

Now for the fun part, how would you use this prize wheel for your promo? Simple, just have a pre-qualifying round among the crowd you've gathered and whoever wins that, can get a chance to spin the wheel and win a fantastic prize! Be creative with the qualifying round and engage your audience. Keep them entertained so they'll be rooting for whoever gets to spin the wheel.


It's a great way to generate enthusiasm while also exuding the thrill of spinning a wheel inside a casino!

If you're looking for wonderful prize wheels, we've got you covered. The Display Outlet provides fantastic options for you apart from our Led spinning wheel. Make sure to drop by.

Liven up your booth at your next trade show exhibit with our customizable Prize Wheels.