How Car Dealers Promote and Get More Leads with Prize Wheels

Posted by Amy Chan on March 01, 2016 0 Comments

Are you tired of doing the same old promotional ads for your automotive business and not getting anywhere?

Let's face it; most automotive dealers use the same old bag of tricks to attract their market. While some of these can work, how about adding some creativity? After all, your goal as an automotive dealer should be to generate traffic to your own dealership. Once the traffic is there, you just need to engage your customers and make the car buying a unique, fun and thrilling experience for them.

But would you need to do to get people entertained while they're in your dealership? We have a great suggestion, entertain your customers and audience by throwing prizes and games. Of course, refreshments or two won't hurt as well. The key is, make them feel special and at home.

For the games, you throw complex ones but we suggest keeping it simple. A colorful floor stand spinning prize wheel is a great choice for grand openings or showcases in your dealership. It's even perfect for special anniversaries of your automotive shop!

 A roulette wheel has been around since the 18th century and with popular game shows like Wheel of Fortune, almost everyone recognizes it. Our selections of tabletop and floor stand spinning prize wheels are a great choice.

Now what game should you play? With a spinning wheel, you can get creative or be straightforward. For example, you can write down various prizes or incentives on the wheel, have the customer spin it and voila! They win a prize! To join, all they have to do is leave a business card or contact information. This will be perfect so you can send them promotional materials later on (with their permission, of course.)

On the other hand, you can also create a more customized game with your spinning wheel. If you're an automotive dealership, instead of giving away small prizes, maybe change the prize into something extravagant like a chance to drive a chic sports car for an hour?

The customer can leave their contact details, spin the wheel and if they win the prize, they can test-drive a chic sports car. With such a great prize, it's guaranteed to get them excited and thrilled at the thought of getting to do this. And who knows, maybe they'll love it so much, they'll end up buying the car!

The key thing to remember is to be creative. A spinning prize wheel might look simple to use but it has the capacity to generate plenty of entertainment for you and your automotive business.

If you're looking for a good selection of tabletop and floor stand spinning wheels, have a go at checking out our shop. From colorful to simple, you'll find the wheel just for you.

Liven up your booth at your next trade show exhibit with our customizable Prize Wheels.

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