The Easiest Miracle Tip for Enhancing Your Networking Skills

Posted by Amy Chan on June 24, 2014 0 Comments

What is networking?  In this digital age, we are so accustomed to making contacts and connections via the internet, in a world where do not have to actually have person-to-person contact.  Because of this, when we are in a situation of actually real-world networking, that is, explaining what we do and listening to what others do, we can often get overwhelmed by the dying art of conversation.  Instead of freezing and feeling paralysis in the line of duty, there’s something extraordinarily simple you can do to become a better networking asset. 


It’s all about the opening line.


You know what they say, first impressions can last a life time.  The reason that is true is because if you make a bad first impression, or get off to a bad start, there may not be an opportunity to overcome.  When you are meeting someone for the first time, you must make a positive first impression.  And how do you do that?  By letting the person you are meeting feel comfortable and to allow them to talk first.


Instead of opening with something meaningless and counter-intuitively difficult to answer as “How are You?” you will see amazing results by starting a new conversation with an open ended question, such as “how was your vacation to Iceland?” or “Tell me about your trip here.”  When you open with something like “tell me,” that immediately puts the other person at ease and allows them to talk about something specific instead of vague such as “how are you,” and allows both of you to settle into a rhythm of engagement.  Your duty will be to listen, nod, interject when necessary, and make direct eye contact. 


When we are hiding behind out computer, we can say something like ‘how are you’ and then launch into our purpose for writing without worry of derailing the connection.  But in real life, your body language, word choice, and comfort level are essential for making a warm first impression and making a strong network.  Too often I see awkward silences among folks who really could have a lot to offer one another if only they knew how to break the ice and get into the meat of their conversation.  Most people love talking about themselves, so it’s wise to let them.  Your turn will come.  If you find that you are a person who dominates conversations it’s probably in your best interest to assess that about yourself and make a change.  No one wants to be the loud mouth blow hard who is a bore to talk to.


This is why opening up the conversation asking about the other person is going to work brilliantly for you and you will see immediate changes in the demeanor of others, and the warmth you receive.  There’s a great video where an expert explains a little more about the merits and benefits from this type of engagement.  Find the video at this link here:


You get from networking what you put into it, so take some care and pay attention to how you come across and how to make the opening line warm and easy.

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