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The Future is Now: Brilliant New Products or Business Ideas to Inspire in 2014 and Beyond

Written by Amy Chan


Posted on June 17 2014

One of the advantages of living in the time we do is that so many people are working overtime to come up with new products and ideas that are either helpful, fun, or just plain hilarious. We have gotten to the point where technology can be developed to help out the human race in ways we never thought possible as recently as a decade ago. A lot of the innovation is coming from outside the US, and here are some of the most exciting and inspiring new inventions or technologies for the new year and into the future.

Source: www.tamaratemes.com

 1. Uniqul

Those who are afraid of identity theft may have a knee-jerk reaction that Uniqul’s business plan is doomed for failure, but the technology is here. Uniqul allows users to use their actual face to be digitally recognized to the point where their financial information can be accessed and used to make purchases just by looking into a machine. Since face transplants do not work the way they did in the movie FaceOff, consumers can use the Finnish technology safely and effectively.

2. 3D Printing for the Win

3D printing can be used for all sorts of things, both helpful and unnecessary. But in Japan, a new organization called Hands on Search helps visually-impaired children hold in their hands an actual print out – a 3D figurine – of their Google searches. This opens up a whole new world for children who cannot use the internet in the way that their peers with better vision can. This is just another amazing way that technology can be put to pure good.

3. Star Trek in Real Life

Star Trek cleverly solved the issue of infinite races of alien being able to communicate (in conversational though sometimes accented English) by insisting that all over the ships and bases and even on uniforms there’s a universal translator system. It’s a little flimsy, and often overlooked, but perhaps not as far-fetched as it has always seemed. SIGMO has developed the first real-time translator; it fits in your palm and works in real time. The usefulness of a piece of equipment like this for international relations and refugees is clear.

4. The Latest Fashion?

In the ever-increasing competitiveness of the fashion world, how do you get quicker access to the latest fashion than if you actually design it yourself, in the store, and leave that day with the new garment you just designed? Seems insane, but it’s happening, and it’s happening now in London. It’s called YrStore, and it’s open now in a pop-up type store, but due to its undeniable success, we should expect a more permanent store fixture soon. You design your shirt, have it printed in store, and you’re good to go. Hopefully you at least of an artistic eye!

5. You be the GUIDE

GUIDE does what network TV can never do. It takes information from all of your favorite blogs and other news sources, and makes a customized TV blog video for you immediately. Since users are accustomed to scouring all corners of the world wide web, a time-consuming daily task, the GUIDE app is going to save millions of people millions of hours of time. Go to one customizable place to hear about everything you are interested in, and it’s no surprise that this service is growing exponentially.

Source: www.howtobeginabusiness.com

These are exciting times, but just picture what this article will be like in 2024. Nothing on that list is even a twinkle in our eyes now, but will be commonplace in twenty years. Amazing.