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How to Get Professional Trade Show Presentation at Amateur Cost

Written by Amy Chan


Posted on February 27 2014

In the business world, presentation is key. You can have the best product or the best idea, and it can be overlooked by a well-dressed inferior substitute. It’s your obligation to make sure this doesn’t happen. You need all your ducks in a row, and that is your product first, and your presentation second (and a way to capture the contact information of potential customers third!). But when you’re breaking into your business, and before you have a highly-paid professional marketing section of your company, you are going to be at a disadvantage when compared to those other companies that have a whole staff focusing on presentation.

But fear not, noble pioneers, there are solutions for those in your class. You can get a professional looking presentation at minimal cost these days. This is one of the great advantages of the internet; the little guy can get wholesale prices on almost anything they need to purchase these days, and there’s no need to even leave the house and drive around on a quest for affordable materials. Online, at places like the Display Outlet, you can purchase high quality and professional style display boards and banners, making your upstart product have the look of an already-established major brand. No need to look like a nobody. You know what they say: 70% of your success is based on how you look, not even the content of your product.

The reasons are simple. First, you can have the most impressive product, but if a potential client doesn’t even bother to stop by your booth, how will they ever know? You can’t buy something if you don’t know it exists. So your first prerogative is to capture the attention of those at the trade show. A professional and eye catching display will do just that. Second, once you get the attention of a would-be customer, you need to exude a professional quality. Whether or not you should judge a book by its cover, everyone does. If Apple packaged its products in those hard plastic, easy-to-hang-on-the-shelves cases that we all cut our fingers on, I doubt they’d sell as many units. Instead, they have a slick, immediately-cool box for everything. That matters. You need to display your product in a way that shows how big and important it is, even if that bigness and importance is only in your head at first.

Third, you can charge more for a product that looks good. What makes a bargain in the mind of a customer? A bargain is simply paying less that you think it’s worth. If a customer, seeing your expert and beautiful display, deems your product of a certain value, and your charge is less than that, well, you’ve got yourself a sale. A $50 item that looks like it should be $100 can be sold for $75. That’s $25 more in your pocket.

The lesson: don’t cut costs on your display and presentation, and luckily there are great ways to find these products online so you don’t have to lose quality while saving money.