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InstaHibit Green Screen Chromakey Backdrop Collapsible Floorstand (Preorder)


SKU: DSP-PJS000017

This upcoming item is available for pre-order with an ETA Jul. 18, 2020, with limited stock.
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Aluminum Fixed Frame Projector Screen Wall Mounted 84" 16:9

Impress friends and family with this awesome Aluminum Fixed Frame Projector Screen Wall Mounted 84" 16:9 HD Projector!

What You're Getting:

  • Brand new and super fresh from the box
  • Large 3-inch fixed frame design
  • Sturdy aluminum frame construction
  • 16:9 screen format; diagonally measures 84 inches
  • High contrast 1.3 gain screen which makes the picture quality absolutely stunning! (We are not kidding!)
  • 4-side black velvet that covers the frame which boosts focus and contrast
  • Super slight assembly needed, nothing complicated though
  • Perfect for home theater systems or classroom training,Youtube videos

Quickie Size Guide:

  • Frame Material: Aluminum with black velvet covered
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Gain: 1.3
  • Screen Fabric: Professional Top-grade Cinema Fabric Matte White
  • Viewing Angle: 160 degree

What's in the Package?

  • 4 pieces aluminum frame bars
  • 4 pieces corner connectors
  • 1 rope matte white screen material that's super ready to install
  • 4 pieces metal bar for fixing the material
  • 2 pieces mounting plates
  • Metal round shape screws and nails
  • 1 piece user's manual

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