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Wholesale Sidewalk Sign Stand Double Sided, White, 19.5x32.7 Posters

SKU: DSP-BNS000009_ws
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This Item is available for Wholesale ONLY.

Double Side Sidewalk A Frame Signboard PVC White

Need a sign for your booth? You know, the kind that will be easily seen from far away? After all, that's the point, right? If you agree to this, then you need our Double Side Sidewalk A Frame Signboard PVC White.

This is super durable and won't easily break. Thanks to its solid PVC construction, it will easily withstand any wear and tear. This is perfect for cafes, shops, retail shops, service stations and even markets!

Now we have a brand new updated Sandwich board with handle available for sale.

What You're Getting:

  • Strong and sturdy plastic for long life
  • Easy and foldable construction
  • Simple A-frame design that will withstand a bit of shaking and grumbling
  • Double sided blank board
  • Great for restaurants, pubs, retail stores and markets
  • No installation necessary

Quickie Size Guide:

  • Color: white
  • Graphic Size: 19-1/2"W x 32-3/4"L (50x83cm)
  • Display:(with base): 19-1/2"W x 35-3/4"L (50x91cm)

What's in the Package?

  • 1 piece A Frame Sandwich Sign Board

Note: The banner in the image is not included.