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Wholesale Retractable Banner Stand, Carry Bag, 39"x79" Graphic

SKU: DSP-BNS000005_ws
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This Item is available for Wholesale ONLY.

39 1/2" x 79" Economy Rollup Retractable Banner Stand

Impress the crowd with a big banner of your shop's name or with your logo, just use our 39 1/2" x 79" Economy Rollup Retractable Banner Stand. Come on, don't be shy. Shout it out to the crowd and let them know that you exist! After all, that's the only way your trade show experience will be a standout!

What You're Getting:

  • Brand new piece right from the box. This will be ready to reach your doorstep in a matter of days!
  • Great quality piece, guaranteed! Measures 39 1/2 x 70 inches
  • Can accommodate a 39 x 79 inch banner
  • Comes with an aluminum stand that won't easily bend or break
  • Three sectioned pole
  • Fun carrying bag
  • Banner graphic in the image is not included

What's in the Package?

  • 1 piece base stand
  • 1 piece 3 part sectioned pole
  • 1 piece top clamp bar
  • 1 piece carrying bag to make it super easy for you to carry around


  • The trade show banner should have 1-1/2inches background color printed above as well as beneath the graphic.
  • All colorful and white banners displayed in the photo are not included.