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Wholesale 8x8 ft Trade Show Banner Stand Adjustable

SKU: DSP-BNS000010_ws
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8' Jumbo Telescopic Trade Show Adjustable Banner Stand

Want to grab attention for your booth during a trade show? Maybe you'd like a "come hither" invitation aimed towards the crowd? If that's a yes, I see on your face then you probably need this 8' Jumbo Telescopic Trade Show Adjustable Banner Stand.

Set this up during trade shows, exhibits, personal parties or if you just want a tarpaulin party inside your home (hey, we're not going to judge.) This is lightweight and quite durable. We even provide a carrying case so you can drag this anywhere you feel like.

What You're Getting:

  • Comes with strong hardware so you can lug it around without any trouble
  • How to set it up? Twist up the poles and you are good to go
  • No extra setup needed, it only takes 5-10 minutes tops
  • Easy to transport so no worries right here

Quickie Size Guide:

  • Materials: Aluminium Rod & Metal Base
  • Width Range: 6'3" - 7'6" (190-230cm)
  • Height Range: 3'1" - 7'6" (95-230cm)
  • Uprights Tube Diam: 1", 7/8", 6/8" (25-22-19mm)
  • Cross Bar Diam: 7/8", 6/8" (22-19mm)
  • Connector Diam: 1 3/8" (35mm)
  • Maximum Graphic Size: 90 9/16" x 90 9/16"
  • Color: Black

What's in the Package?

  • 1 piece banner backdrop stand
  • 1 super awesome carrying bag
  • 1 piece Allen Key

NOTE: Banner in the image is not included. You need to get your own.