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8' Pop Up Trade Show Display Booth w/ Podium Black

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Impress the crowd with your very own professional looking podium kit. This elegant looking 8 x 8' Pop Up Portable Trade Show Display Booth with Counter will definitely impress the crowd nicely. The best part is that this features a simple setup. You can even put it together in less than 15 minutes! You can hold a timer to that!

What You're Getting:

  • Comes with an awesome podium that has a multi-purpose function. It can function as a podium and it can also work as a space saver! Cool, eh?
  • Strong and durable wheels so you can push or drag it around wherever you feel like
  • 8 inch aluminum pop up frame that is expandable
  • Hook and loop compatible fabric panels for the display board as well as for the case wrap
  • Magnetic channel bars so it's easy to set up or take down
  • Halogen spotlights
  • Two spare bulbs for your convenience
  • Super duper easy to set up, we promise!

Quickie Size Guide:

  • Fabric Panel for Center: 90-1/2" H x 27-1/2" W
  • Fabric Panel for Side: 90-1/2" H x 26-3/8" W
  • Magnetic Bar: 27-1/2" L
  • Display Board(Approximated): 8' H x 8' W

What's in the Package?

  • 1 piece of aluminum pop up frame
  • 3 pieces of fabric panels for the center portion
  • 2 fabric panels for the sides
  • 1 fabric case wrap
  • 18 piece connecting bars that are magnetic (they work like magic!)
  • 2 pieces halogen spotlights
  • 2 pieces of spare halogen bulbs
  • 1 piece molded hard case with wheels and handle
  • 1 manual so you can read everything

What to Do?

  • Make sure you have everything. Yes, scour that box for all of the parts you need.
    1. Set up the frame in just seconds.
    2. Take the bars and push the ends towards the corners of the cloth. Do the same for the other side.
    3. Grab the 3 center fabric panels and attach them to the middle frame using the plastic hooks
    4. Smoothen out the edge
    5. Take the 2 side fabric panels and attach them the same way
    6. Grab the halogen spotlight and fix them on top
    7. Take the fabric panel case wrap and cover the podium to give it an elegant finish

    Note that the fabric panels are of different sizes so make sure you're using the right one for the correct portion. Otherwise, you'll end up with a torn fabric.

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