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10' Pop Up Trade Show Display Booth w/ Podium Black

$ 399.99 $ 799.99

SKU: DSP-DSP000006

Are you tired of not having an awesome trade show kit to match your presentation? Well, well, guess who's in luck? This Brand New 10' Curved Pop Up Trade Show Display Booth and Podium Kit is just waiting for you and ready to go!

What You're Getting:

  • Goodbye clutter! An all-in-one podium case is provided to keep everything nice and organized.
  • Love to move? It's got wheels so you can simply drag and push it around all you want. Less effort, less stress equals a happier you!
  • Sturdy aluminum frame that measures 10 inches.
  • Hook and loop everything we say! They are quick and easy. This piece offers a receptive black fabric panels and display board.
  • Snaps like magnet, thanks to the magnetic channel bars.
  • Atmosphere and mood are no problem with the halogen spotlights we've included too.
  • Convenient and super easy to set up. Even a kid could do it!

What's in the Package?

  • 1 Aluminum Pop Up Frame
  • 2 Fabric Panels for Side Setup
  • 4 Fabric Panels for Center Setup
  • 1 Fabric Case Wrap
  • 21 Magnetic Connecting Bars
  • 2 Halogen Spotlights with bulbs included
  • 1 Molded Plastic Hard Case with Handles and Moving Wheels
  • 1 Instruction Pamphlet

How To Set it Up:

  1. Take out all of the parts of the case. Make sure the package includes everything
  2. Find the pop up frame and set it up in seconds. You won't even break a sweat.
  3. Set up the bars. Make sure to push it towards the recess vertically and then go to the other side and do the same thing.
  4. Take the four fabric panels and hang them onto the center frame. Use the plastic hooks by screwing them onto the frame.
  5. Watch out for bumps and smooth them out.
  6. Grab the 2 side fabric panels and hang them the same way. Hang on, it's almost done!
  7. Attach the halogen spotlight.
  8. Take the fabric case panel and wrap it all around. Smooth out everything as you go and tada! You got yourself an awesome trade show kit!

*Note: Always check which panels you are attaching. The side and front panels feature different sizes. They are NOT interchangeable so forcing one in place of the other might end up breaking the plastic hook. You don't want that so do take a careful look.

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