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Wholesale 2in1 Projector Screen + Retractable Banner Stand 47"x78"

SKU: DSP-BNS000012_ws
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This Item is available for Wholesale ONLY.

78" x 47" Roll-up Rear Projector Screen Retractable Banner Stand

In a hurry to setup for a special upcoming trade show? Don't forget to show off your sign by using this 78" x 47" Roll-up Rear Projector Screen Retractable Banner Stand! Set it up in less than 5 minutes and pack it down in a breeze as well. We love to make things quite easy for our customers.

What You're Getting:

  • Rear projector screen provides better visual effect with optimal image and color reproductions
  • The screen material is durable and easy to clean.
  • Quick assembly for easy usage
  • Lightweight and travel friendly
  • Sturdy aluminum frame for longer life span
  • Retractable base to store and protect projector screen
  • The removable customized graphic field at the bottom allows you to demonstrate further information and important notes.
  • Self-locked system for variable height settings


  • Trade Shows, Local Fairs, Conference Room, Store Promotions, Events

Quickie Size Guide:

Overall Size 49"L x 82 2/3"H x 8 2/3"D
Screen Area 78"H x 47"W
Aspect Ratio 4:3/16:9/1:1
Gain 0.9
Screen Fabric PVC Film
Viewing Angle 120 degree

What's in the Package?

  • 1x Projector Banner Stand(Banner not included)
  • 1x Black Carrying Bag

Please noted that:

  • The ratio between the banner and the projection viewing area is customized.
  • The aspect ratio can be 4:3/16:9/1:1 according to your projector.

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